Facebook – The Pros and Cons

Facebook is one of those social media sites which the vast majority of us engage with on a daily basis and it is where we go to keep in touch with our friends and family, news, jobs options, weather, entertainment and more. Facebook have really been smart since over the years they have changed what they provide us since our needs have changed meaning that they have always managed to stay relevant in our day to day lives. From first being a platform for university friends and colleagues to associate on to becoming one of the biggest global social media sites ever, Facebook has moved with the times. First of all most of us switched over from our favourite MSN messenger to use Facebook messenger, then many of us started using it to make photo albums and now today we can connect it to other social media sites that we have such as Instagram. With Facebook there is so much that you can do all in one place, but like with anything there are always pros and cons. Read on to find out about some of theirs.


Obviously one of the biggest pros of Facebook is just how widespread it is with millions and millions of users spread out all across the globe. This means that if you have friends and family in some far-flung places then it is relatively easy to keep up-to-date with their everyday lives. With posts, photos and even things that your contacts have liked on the site, you can really stay a bit connected with what is happening with them. Facebook messenger is also one of the most popular messaging apps for our smartphones now too since we can use it to not only send messages complete with stickers and gifs, but also make phone calls, take and send pictures and also to make video calls which is undoubtedly handy when it comes to keeping in touch.

Another big pro to Facebook is simply the sheer amount of data that is shared on it daily. You can easily stay current with the latest news and more all in one convenient place and that is one of the main reasons that it is one of the first sites that we check on our phones when we get up in a morning!


There are of course some cons when it comes to Facebook, one of the major ones being that it is not always that great for our mental health to always be so readily and constantly connected to social media. Especially with teens there is growing research that too much social media can be a bad thing since it can cause feelings of inadequacy and competitiveness with the need to present glamorous and fantastic personal lives to the world that are often a bit of sham. If you find yourself scrolling through Facebook for hours then try to cut down and interact with people in real-life instead – ypur health will thank you for it!

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