Blast From the Past – Our Favourite Sites from Yesteryear

We’ve already talked about how much our home internet access has advanced over the years here but one thing that we haven’t talked about is how our browsing histories have undergone a serious change too. What with faster internet connections than ever before and better and more powerful home pcs, laptops, tablets, smartphones, smart TVs and more, this can hardly come as any surprise. These days we use the internet for everything from shopping to streaming films to teaching ourselves new skills, and staying in touch with friends and family, but it wasn’t always this with the internet and computers in general at one point generally used solely for educational purposes. But oh how that has changed these days! If you fancy a trip down memory lane, then you should read on to find out about some of our favourite and most visited sites from back in the day that you can find out about again right here.



Whether you are in a band, a wannabe emo or just an everyday person looking to connect with your friends online, then MySpace was the site where it was all at. Founded back in 2003 in Beverley Hills in California, this social networking site quickly rose to popularity amongst teens and young adults who used it as a platform to showcase their personalities and individual qualities online, in particular their music and entertainment tastes. And there-in lies a major part of the reason as to why MySpace did end up declining in popularity. While other major social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook began to encompass more and more elements into their designs so that they could give a more fully comprehensive social media profile, MySpace continued to focus on the entertainment aspect meaning that by 2008 Facebook had overtaken it in the Alexa rankings. It is still available today though and in 14 languages so if you fancy it, you can always reactivate your old account!



Back in the day for kids and tweens one of the major reasons to have home internet access was to ensure that you could keep up to date with feeding your Neopets. This site is a bit like tamagotchi but online where you can have virtual fantasy pets which you can use to play games with and feed as well as interact with other players. Founded in 1999 Neopets was a hit and it actually still does boast hundreds of thousands of users around the world even today. Its interface remains pretty much similar to how you’ll remember so if you want a rose-tinted memory, head to the Neopets site!


Space Jam

Ok so we sort of have to throw this one in here since it has become sort of legendary on the internet as it has remained the same since the release of the 1996 hit kids’ film. Featuring its original interface it is a serious blast from the past and will have you singing Seal’s ‘Fly like an eagle’ in a jiffy.

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